Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tiffany + LaMont | February 14

On Valentine's Day, Tiffany and LaMont made cupid dance all over the city Saturday evening. Their wedding and reception took place at Club 1000. Tiffany's only request was to take time out to get some photos on the roof top. I was bit concerned because her wedding dress exposed her arms. Heck it was cold on that roof but you couldn't tell with Tiffany. She held her future husband close.

Congratulations Tiffany and LaMont!

Bridesmaids shoes

Donielle, the maid of honor - Tiffany's sister.

Chin up....Lamont.

Bridesmaids having a bit of fun before the ceremony.

Tiffany with a slip of the tongue during her vows.

Tiffany shedding tears during her vows.

LaMont lacing his shoes.

The groomsmen - GQ posing.

Club 1000 roof top photos. It was cold out there too.

Tiffany and her father during the father-daughter dance. Dad put on some moves.

Tiffany and LaMont during their first dance.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Dionne + Khara Wedding | February 14

What better way to get married on the most celebrated love holiday of the year – Valentine’s Day. Dionne’s vows said it all. Her love for Khara aka “Antonio” could be seen by the tears that flowed down her cheeks before and after the wedding.

There wedding and reception was held at the Hillcrest Country Club in South Kansas City.

Dionne was referred to by a Kim and Greg, who’s wedding I photographed in October ’08. When I met Khara and Dionne, they told me that I had a challenge on my hands. He said that he doesn’t smile in any of his pictures. Let’s just say, that proved to be untrue. Khara was ecstatic on his wedding day. He was calm and full of grins.

What’s also funny is that his mother and sisters from S. Carolina gave me a nickname, “peeper”. They had never heard of a male photographer taking pictures of a bride – Dionne – while she’s getting dressed. They thought I wanted to sneak a peak. How hilarious!

The dress
A view of Dionne's vows.

Her eyes are awesome!

Reading a personalized Valentine's Day card.

Khara's sister watches Dionne as she gets her makeup put on.

Something old, something borrowed, and something blue

Khara's mother telling funny traveling jokes to the ladies in the dressing room.

Khara playing a little pool before getting dressed.

Khara and his best man cracking jokes on who is better at the game pool.

Dionne getting her makeup put on.

Khara's tuxedo.

Dionne showing off the gift given to her by Khara.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Check us out | PWG Real Weddings…

Pick up your free copy of the ’09 Spring Perfect Wedding Guide magazine from your local wedding vendor. We and a local bride are featured in the Real Weddings section of the magazine.

Some of you may remember Melissa and Scott’s wedding posting on my BLOG. We had a blast at their wedding in Chanute, KS So much so, they were chosen to be featured in the magazine.

Thank you Perfect Wedding Guide!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Magen and Michael Engagement

I met Michael at Josh and Rachel’s wedding Jan. 17 of this year. Michael was a groomsmen in their wedding and also Josh’s cousin. Magen and Michael’s wedding is scheduled for mid-March.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Exclusive Special Offer

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hope and Billy's engagement

I’ve known Hope and Billy for a long time, more so that they were former church members of mine in Kansas City, KS. Hope is a former “Miss Jackson State” Queen. Billy…. well let’s just say I always knew he and his brother (Mickey) were going to do well in life. They were always well-mannered and respectful young men.

Hope and Billy’s wedding will take place in Indianola, MS. Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling to Mississippi to photograph their wedding. However, I am grateful that they called upon me for their e-session.