Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Evening of Distinction

Saturday night, my assistant Denise and I drove to Leavenworth, KS for a fund raising event sponsored by the Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae Chapter - Leavenworth, KS. There were over 100 persons present and we were hired to set up a background, take couples pictures and provide prints on the spot. Let's just say that we were swamped 45-minutes before the event ended. It seemed that everyone rushed over to our table just before the event ended at 1 a.m.

One would think this would be an event only for Delta's but I heard several Greek organizations on yard (Alpha's and Omega's). Everyone came dressed to impress!

Thank you Renee for the plug and the opportunity. Hopefully we can be your preferred photographer next year or any event your chapter sponsors.

A shot of me while Denise checks the white balance.
A shot of my assistant Denise just before everyone started arriving.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Jabberwock 2008

Congratulations to Miss Chynna McDaniel for being crowned Miss 2008 Jabberwock!

I had the pleasure of photographing this special pagaent. The Kansas City Kansas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority crowned convened at the Mission Theatre in Shawnee Mission, KS Saturday afternoon to crown their 2008 Miss Jabberwock. This year's theme was "Many Things About Tomorrow". There were five ladies who participated but four were present with their families and friends. This was a black tie affair and Mission Theatre was packed for this special occasion. The ladies even got a opportunity to waltz with their fathers/escorts. Miss Jessica Ray, Miss Jabberwock 2006 passed the crown to Chynna. I think Chynna's mother was more excited for her than anyone in the building. Her eyes were so heavy with tears and happiness.

This brought back a lot of memories because when I was in high school (a long time ago), I was an escort for the Debutante Ball sponsored by Alpha Kappa Sorority (AKA). Both of my sisters were debutantes for the AKA Ball back in the day. Both sororities are rich in heritage and have a strong presence in the community - nationwide to be exact. Needless to say, these types of events are very special and I encourage every young lady in high school to visit your high school counselors and/or reach out to either sorority for information on how to participate.

Congratulations to all the contestants. Congratulations on a job well done - Demetria, Denisha and Shanike!

For more information on Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (DST), CLICK HERE


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Denise + Thomas Wedding

Denise and Thomas was my second wedding of the year and a chilly wedding day it was. This was the first time I ever photographed a wedding at Concord Fortress of Hope.

I witnessed two things at this wedding that I have never seen before. First, Denise's bouquet wasn't made of flowers, it was made out of wire and beads in the form of a bouquet. It had to take her hours to make it. Second, the flower girl came down the aisle singing a song that mesmerized all the guests while dropping cut-out paper hearts. My guess is that she couldn't have been no more than 5-years old. She had a voice to die for - personally she could have given some of the contestants on American Idol a run for their money!

Denise, a school teacher in the KCMO School District pledged her life and vows to her hubby, Thomas on March 15. Kansas City is a small world because when Denise and Thomas came to our gallery, I found out that I went to college with his sister. During their wedding consultation, I could see the resemblance between he and his sibling.

Denise has a unique and candid personality which after meeting her, anyone would be drawn to her crisp candor. She's a woman who shoots from the hip and has no problem with being direct. Their wedding colors were champagne, chocolate and gold. Their reception was held at The Arcadian in Overland Park, KS.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Joselyn - Captivating Eyes

Saturday afternoon we finished Joselyn's senior photo session (session 2) in our studio. She is a senior at Lincoln Prep here in KCMO. All I can say about Joselyn is that you will be mesmerized by her eyes - they are so bright and look deep into your soul.

View photo session 1 tidbits.