Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The "Skies The Limit"

Teenager, Vanessa, turned 15 years-old this past weekend and her parents found it fitting to splurge on her momentous milestone. Vanessa, Zacc (her brother) and three of her closest friends: Lexus, Tiffany, and Shaquila arrived at the luxurious "Skies" restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency Crown Center hotel Saturday evening for desserts.

The theme for the event was "The Skies The Limit". VIP guests should reach for the sky on Saturday February 23rd 2008 @ 9pm. From what I was told, before arriving at the Hyatt, the girls attended a special birthday party celebration that late afternoon.

Skies, is located atop the Hyatt Regency - offering guests cocktails and dinner with a panoramic view of the city. With 72 windows lining the exterior of Skies, guests are surrounded with the sights of Kansas City.

Vanessa's parents wanted to hire a photographer to document this momentous occasion and trust me...I had fun. I had only been to "Skies" once in my life and it was so long ago that I couldn't remember the ambiance. What I do know is that I was with a bunch of my friends and in high school. Looks like I will have to go back on a personal quest because the view of Kansas City is magnificent!

Vanessa's family and friends had desserts and water for drinks. While at "Skies" you would have thought it was Prom because there were lots of teenagers eating dinner and dressed to impressed. I think the only thing that was missing was photos with Nick Cannon who was in the hotel that evening as well. See my BLOG for Nick Cannon tidbits.

My hat goes off to Vanessa's parents - you all are definitely raising the bar.

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Nick Cannon in Kansas City

It's true when they say, "Being at the right place at the right time".

This past Saturday, I was photographing a 15 year-old birthday party / dessert date at the "Skies" restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Kansas City, MO. While waiting for birthday girl, Vanessa, her parents, her brother - Zacc, and her friends: Lexus, Tiffany and Shaquilla to arrive, Nick Cannon jumped out of a stretch Excursion Limo. I couldn't say anything but point in amazement. After he walked past me, all I could say was "hey....that's Nick Cannon". He turned around and said, "what's up" while walking in the hotel lobby with his body guard and associates. It was late in the evening and he looked pretty tired.

Nick Cannon is known for his star role in the movie "Drumline"; a successful rapper, writer and comedian.

Now, I know you all are asking, how come I didn't start snapping pictures? Well, just maybe, I'm not used to being in the "Hollywood" limelight. And just maybe I would have trouble working for the tabloids as a paparazzi. So after being star-struck for the first 60-seconds, I followed them over to the elevator - camera gear and all - and asked him would he mind if I took his picture. Nick agreed.

What's weird is about 3-minutes later, the birthday girl and friends arrived but they missed their opportunity to get a photo with Nick.

Needless to say, the next time, I won't stand with my mouth open like a teenage groupie.

Nick Cannon: Official website
Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel: Official website

Monday, February 25, 2008

'08 Jabberwock Ball Contestants

The Delta Sigma Theta Kansas City Kansas Alumnae Chapter is kicking off their annual Jabberwock Ball. This year there are five brilliant young ladies who will be introduced into society and who will compete in obtaining the Miss 2008 Queen pageant reign. Saturday morning we captured all five of the contestants formal photos in our studio. The girls were a blast, full of energy and a since a humor. The Ball will take place March 22, 2008.

This is our fourth year photographing the event.

Thank you DST, Jill and Courtney!

To read more about Delta Sigma Theta sorority, CLICK HERE. ◦

Amy + Levi Engagement

Amy and Levi took their engagement pictures on The Plaza Sunday afternoon. We originally scheduled their e-session for Saturday but I thought Sunday would be better. Boy was I wrong!

Living in Kansas City - no one can ever predict the weather. Saturday was warmer. Anyhow, Amy and Levi didn't allow mother natures cool chills put a damper on their mood. One thing that I was thankful for were less people on The Plaza. This gave us the free-will to do some different things and capture lots of hot spots. During their e-session, we even went into the Brio Tuscan Grill - where Amy and Levi had their first date - we even went to the same booth. Their wedding is April 11, 2008 - stay tuned for the awesome wedding.


Monday, February 18, 2008

ATTENTION BRIDES: Dates Still Available

Brides....there are dates still available!

Currrently, we've been advertising a special offer on the Perfect Wedding Guide (PWG) website to all brides - 25% off our Classic Collection wedding package. This was our most popular package in 2007, so we felt obligated to give back to the community by offering this huge discount. It's more than $600 off the package.

Hurry, this special offer ends February 28, 2008!

Click HERE for downloadable coupon.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Youth Practice Abstinence at Sheffield Family Life Center

What is abstinence? Is this an outdated expectation in our society today? Let me provide you with some vital statistics.

Sexual abstinence is the avoidance of sexual activity. People use the term abstinence in different ways. For some, it means avoiding only sexual intercourse. For others, it means avoiding all kinds of activity (usually until marriage), which may be rooted in religious or moral beliefs.


  • NO, NOT everybody is doing it. Less than half of teens reported having ever had sex as of 2005.

  • Teens do not think it is embarrassing to say they are virgins. Almost three-quarters of teens don’t think it’s embarrassing to admit their virginity.

  • Most teens who have had sex which they had waited. Almost 70% of teens regret having had sex as early as they did.

  • Teens are eager for a strong abstinence message. Ninety-four percent of teens say they want a strong message to abstain until at least after high school.

  • Teen males' approval of premarital sex is declining. Guys are less and less accepting of casual sex - the proportion of adolescent males aged 17-19 who approve of premarital sex when a couple does not plan to marry decreased from 80% in 1988 to 71% in 1995.

  • College freshmen are less likely to approve of casual sex. 60% of college freshmen disagree that hooking up with a casual acquaintance is ok

Well, at Sheffield Family Life Center, this is an expectation and program they instill in several of their youth. On the evening of Feb. 15, I photographed their annual “Purity Ceremony”. Approximately, 40 new & returning youth, teens and young adults made a pledge to God that they will practice abstinence as well as refrain from viewing any pornography until they marry.

During the ceremony, the church members who pledge to practice abstinence signed their pledge certificate, it was rolled tightly, placed in the blue bottles and sealed. The bottles will show as a reminder to those individuals about their commitment to God. On their wedding day, the bottles can be broken and shared with their spouse.

We at Royal Photography were asked to photograph the entire ceremony, set up a backdrop with complete studio lighting and take individual portraits of each youth/teen/young adult with their parents or guardian holding their Purity bottles.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines to All Brides-To-Be

Valentines Day is a time of the year where couples around the world express their genuine love for each other by showering them with roses, flowers, DIAMONDS, gift certificates to massage salons, expensive nights on the town and lavish dinners.

This may also be a day where men get down on one knee and ask their lover or significant other for their hand in marriage. Love is a beautiful thing and something that we ought to expect. Men there is no need to feel pressured, I encourage you all to be creative - do something out of the ordinary for your girlfriend or spouse. A little "spice" can go along way! Being in the wedding photography business for several years, I have been told and witnessed for that matter, some creative wedding proposals on Valentines Day. Every year I'm blown away by some of the creative "Will you marry me" proposals.

So fellas, no one knows your mate better than you do, so do something that will score big-points, do something that she will always remember for the rest of her life and most of all do something that your mate will be glad to go and brag to other women about what you did! Trust me, she will thank you.

Happy Valentines to all brides, grooms and all the brides we will be photographing this year. ◦

Monday, February 11, 2008

Great Things Are Happening

2008 is going to be a fabulous year! Along with offering huge discounts on a few of our wedding packages (call our gallery for details), we have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase and add these new items to our inventory:
  • (1) new Canon camera body
  • (1) new Canon 'L' lens
  • (1) new Quantum battery pack
  • (1) new High-Definition Professional Epson printer

These new items will allow us to offer enhanced photojournalistic wedding images and allow us to capture romantic and fun memories. But more so, it will allow us to stay on top of the digital photography industry - I'm sure you will all agree.

To all of our 2008 Kansas City and abroad brides, we thank you for the opportunity to document your beautiful wedding memories.