Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Josh + Nicki's Wedding at St. John United Methodist Church

Every wedding that I photograph affords me the opportunity to witness how close and how much love is shared between two families that come together on such a special day. Josh and Nicki's wedding day definitely lived up to that expectation. The love of family can't be taken for granted. The wedding party waited hand and foot for Nicki and the guys - well - they just chilled and let the days course of events unfold. What was funny was one of the parents (I'll keep their name anonymous) kept calling me Ossie. I laughed hilariously but didn't think I look like Ossie Davis. Google him and you be the judge. LOL. One other funny moment was one of the bridesmaids photo-bombed some of the pictures - that has never happened to me before on a wedding but I found it hilarious! Needless, I had a GREAT time and love the images I captured during their new beginning.

The wedding ceremony was  held at St. John United Methodist Church. The reception was held at Grand St. Cafe.

Bless you both!