Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming Soon: Richard + Shannon Wedding by Royal Photography, LLC

I had lots of fun photographing this couple - and was ecstatic that the rain held off too. These are just a few "teasers" from this past weekend's wedding of Richard and Shannon at Paseo Baptist Church. A few folk were teasing me on how soon will they see a few. Well...here are only a few - LOL. More will come in the next few weeks.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Tyrone + D'Adria Wedding | First Time for Firsts by Royal Photography, LLC

Seeing two people totally in love with each other is a mesmerizing experience. Everybody should feel that good every single day of their life. Tyrone and D'Adria are two of those people. They have a love story that needs to be written and may even be made for television. While taking their pictures, I added my own commentary that Tyrone has a "winner" on his hands. I must say, he did well. You don't need a jury to admit that she is a beautiful woman and made a gorgeous bride - flawless if you want to add more. I learned that their wedding was celebrating a whole lot of "firsts". Such as:
  • Because they lived out of the Kansas City area, their marriage counseling took place over Skype - which was a first ever for the pastor
  • Their wedding ceremony was the first ever in the new church
  • The minister and guest were the first to ever witness/hear a special wedding greeting from the White House
Both are strong professional people who share a tremendous amount of love and support from both sides of their families. I even teared up listening to some of their well wishes and toasts by the best man, maid of honor and parents. You will notice in some of the photos that Tyrone's best man - his brother - cried through out the entire wedding. Tyrone even shed tears while dancing with his bride and mother. So, men, it's alright to cry when your happy. Congratulations to both of you and I'm glad you allowed me to document your wedding love story. Above and below are some of my favorites.

Some wedding details:
  • Ceremony: Boone Tabernacle Church of God
  • Reception: Marriott Country Club Plaza
  • Makeup: Deidre Dixon
  • Wedding Gown: Vera Wang



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Coming Soon: Tyrone + D'Adria Wedding by Royal Photography, LLC


Monday, July 1, 2013

Coming Soon: Reggie and LaTisa Love Connection by Royal Photography