Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kristin + Glen's May 19 Wedding at St. Agnus Catholic Church

Have you ever met a couple who loved each other so much all they could do is kiss each other over and over? Kristin and Glen is a good example. I didn't want to fill this blog posting with photos of them kissing but there were a few that I couldn't help it. My friend Courtney of Eliza Jane Photography, assisted me on this wedding.

The wedding took place in a quaint catholic church, St. Agnus Catholic Church in Roeland Park, KS. Glen, a theater professor completely showed out at the reception because he basically took full control over the decorations and lighting. Let's just say, the reception was theatrical light fest. The intense lighting made for some really cool images. Kudos to you Glen. I hope you enjoy some of the images Courtney and I captured.

Tabby...thank you for the referral!

Ceremony: St. Agnus Catholic Church
Reception: Crowne Plaza - Lenexa, KS

Wonderful images by Courtney

Another great shot by Courtney

Thanks Courtney...the sun can be brutal sometimes

A collage of images by Courtney just before the ceremony.

Courtney was in the right place at the right time :)

Love this one Courtney..

Stunning craft Courtney did it again. Love the incredible innocent eyes.

Someone had a LONG day.