Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reggie + Mallory's Wedding | A Little Rain Adds Luck | Documentary by Royal Photography, LLC

There is so much to say about how this day started and ended, I don't know where to start. But I guess the best place is at the beginning. Every wedding I photograph I learn something new and today was one of them.

The weather was bright, warm with a little bit of perfect overcast; the best kind of weather for a wedding. After arriving at the church and getting all the gear unpacked, prep photos were on the top of the agenda. Everyone was punctual and in their respective rooms getting dressed. The guys were talking sports and the girls were talking "girly things". LOL! The things I hear as a photographer. LOL!!!  Mallory wore some alluring red lipstick that was slamming! She looked breathtaking. However, mom wasn't too fond of it and wanted her to take it off. Naturally it was all in fun.There was skepticism that rain would be in the forecast but as a photographer I was hoping that it would hold off until I had taken all of my photos. Just before the ceremony started - 4 pm, the storm clouds started to roll in but from what I could tell it didn't start to sprinkle until after the ceremony. Just before Mallory walked down the aisle, mom asked me to get a picture of Mallory kissing her father on the cheek for the last time as a "Webster". During the ceremony both shed tears of happiness. Reggie and Mallory partook in a "hand-washing" ritual - which was something that I've never seen done before at a wedding.

At the reception, with help of the DJ, both played the newlywed game - which was different at a reception that I've photographed. Overall, both Reggie and Mallory have the love and support from both sides of the family along with grounded Christians to counsel them on their new journey as HUSBAND AND WIFE!

Above and below are some of my favorite images documented throughout the day and hope you are able to feel their love, feel their energy and feel their cohesiveness.

Congratulations Reggie and Mallory!

The storm clouds just before the ceremony

Love Mallory's smile. Notice all the poster sign themes on the wall? They describe Mallory's personality. No, this was not staged :)

The ring attached to her bracelet is the "something borrowed".

Matron-of-Honor shoes

Mom was playfully giving Mallory a napkin to take off her red lipstick. LOL..she had me in stitches.

Just a little nervous before walking down the aisle.

Father of the groom providing his own theory about NBA players just before the ceremony. Guy talk!

Father of the bride catching a last minute glimpse of Mallory before the ceremony. He's one proud papa.

A special request photo from mother of the bride. One last kiss before she becomes Mrs. Mitchell.

Sorority sisters scerenade Mallory