Friday, October 26, 2012

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joe and Lyfe Jennings in Concert at The Midland

This past Sunday some of you may have flocked at The Midland to see R&B legend Joe, Lyfe Jennings and local talents of Jackie Michaels and LeVelle aka LB perform on stage. I have have always been a Joe fan but didn't know Lyfe Jennings until the night before the concert. I hardly ever listen to the radio or satellite radio so what else is there....iTunes! When I listened to some of Lyfe's music, I got to give it up to him - his music isn't bad...actually I like it. When I got home, I downloaded a few of his hits.

Levelle, aka, "LB" opened up the concert passing out roses to the ladies in the front row. Sexy and soulful Jackie Michaels opened up before Lyfe Jennings and she put on a show. I must put in a plug in for myself first. The main image on her website and the promotional image on the weekend concert flyer was taken by yours truly. Needless, she put it down!

I think the most thrilling part of the concert were the flub ups from the Lyfe Jennings and/or the sound mixers. While on stage Lyfe complained that the sound wasn't right and the music was keyed correctly. Personally, I thought everything was okay - but who am I? All I can say, several boo'd him after he walked off the stage after only performing about 20 min. He even sat down on stool and let the crowd sing to him while one of his ballads were playing. Were the guests jipped?

Joe, put on a great show and even got called back out on stage for a encore.

As you could see from the images, you will noticed that I was constrained to one side of the stage. It wasn't by choice. I could only wish I could stand below center-stage to get some face-front images but because of the chairs in the front row, I was forced to 45-degree angle photos. Backstage photos with Joe were not allowed either per his manager :(

Hope you all like the powerful images.