Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Bug Has Bitten | Courtney and Anthony Maternity Session

Tis the season for baby cheer. Courtney and Anthony will be celebrating the birth of their first child really soon. You know what they say...your first child could come two-weeks early or two-weeks late. Nevertheless, both are really excited and can't wait to share there bundle of joy. Congratulations to both of you!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby On the Way! | Brian and Joyelle Maternity Session

Guess what? Pregancy photos isn't taboo anymore. Some people think it's tasteless while others believe otherwise. The reason I started out with the question is because I have photographed more pregnancy/maternity sessions in the last few years. With that being said, dare to be bold and put away those dispictable thoughts. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift ordained by God and as long as the photos are taken in a tasteful manner, you can document this incredible new beginning.

Now that I've got my 20-sec commercial out of the way, Brian and Joyelle is a loving couple whos wedding I photographed on April 11, 2009. Click on their names to catch a glimpse of their wedding photos. Like most of the couples we photograph we end up becoming their "family" photographer and are giving the opportunity to capture some of their "new beginnings". About a week after their session, their first-born took his first breath. More photos to come later. Congratulations to the both of you!


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Kansas City, you have me speechless. Yet again you have voted for us to win The Knot Best of Weddings award. It's "you", the brides and grooms whom we photographed that have voted for us and we can't sit still with excitement. Your wedding is our number one priority and all of your wedding images are true depictions of your shared love for each other. You have invited us into your homes, given us the opportunity to meet your families, allowed us to document the beginning of your new lives together, and generate life long family friendships. This special bond is something that we take seriously and can only thank God for allowing us meet. Its' because of our friendships that you continue allow us to photograph your pregnancy, first-born and family photos. Although we specialize in wedding photography, we are continuing to push the envelope to be your household photographer.

Our award and recognition will be featured in a special section in The Knot Kansas City magazine and on The Kansas City weddings. This is the third year (2008, 2009, and 2011) that Royal Photography has been voted "Winner and Top Pick" of The Knot Best of Weddings award.

2011 is starting out to become a very good year. We have some new exciting merchandise and products coming this year and we know your gonna love them.

Because of our prestigious award, we are bringing back our $1,000 wedding package. We know the economy has forced us to be smarter with our finances so we are offering this spectacular wedding package for a limited time only. Call our gallery for more details and we hope that we can be your chosen photographer in 2011 and the coming years.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Wedding Can Become a Reality

This special offer includes:

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2011 dates are still available!


'11 SCLC Dr. King Holiday Mass Celebration | U.S. Rep. James Clyburn

Over one thousand people packed the pews and balcony Monday night for the annual SCLC - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Mass Celebration at the Friendship Baptist Church, 3530 Chelsea, Kansas City, MO. The guest speaker for the evening was U.S. Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina. Clyburn remined the crowd about Dr. Kings fight for civil rights in the 60's and during hard times. His challenge was not just to remember his message but to continue to fight for justice and equality within our community and civil government. To me this year was much different than most years only because I actually paid attention to the his message while taking pictures. Yeah...I know that sounds bad; that sounds as if I can't walk and chew gum at the same time. LOL! But seriously, his message resonated within me and offered me a challenge.

Byron Egan, left, lifts his voice in praise as he and male choirs sings during the Dr. King Mass Celebration.
Sarah Fisher (center) sings with inspiration within the Friendship Baptist Sanctuary Choir
Professor Michael Charles is in meditative thougth just before singing before thousands.
Rabbi Alan Cohen

Congressman James Clyburn, South Carolina Sixth District

Professor Michael Charles
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver presents Rev. Nelson "Fuzzy" Thompson (center) with special Congressional Record
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver introduces the guest speaker

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser greets Congressman James Clyburn
Councilwoman Sharon Sanders Brooks, Congressman James Clyburn, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and Rev. Michael Brooks
Kansas City Mayoral candidate, Mike Burke; Congressman James Clyburn and past KC Mayor Richard Berkley
Attorney Wesley Fields and Congressman James Clyburn
Marleka and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver
Rev. James Terrance, Congressman James Clyburn and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver


Sunday, January 16, 2011

SCLC | Judge Hatchett Encourages Local Teens

I was given the pleasure of meeting Judge Glenda Hatchett this week at the SCLC Youth Leadership Development Workshop. Judget Hatchett is as every strong willed lady as we see her on her daytime court program. She's small in statue but full of fight and determination. This is the determination she strived to invoke on the 300 high school students across the metro in achieving their dreams. She emphasized that no dream is unattainable but to believe in yourself, surround your self with people who want the same goals as you and hold each other accountable to those dreams. That was powerful! All of her points of inspiration are outlined in her new book, "Dare To Take Charge - How to Live Your Life on Purpose".

During the leadership conference, students participated in workshops such as: Cyber Bullying/Sexting; Homelessness; Social Networking Pros and Cons; Teenage Relationships; The Importance of Education; and Violence in the Home.

Guest speaker, Clifton Taulbert speaks about his "Ice House Project" and encourages over 300 youth the importance of role models and setting goals.

Brandon Edington leades a workshop on the "Importance of Education".
Floyd Wiggins leads the discussion group "Violence in the Home".

Panel discussion - attendees are: Joyce Brown, Rachel Ciodas, Captain Cynthia Lenley, Eleanor Lisbon, MD, Jackie Buycks, Dr. Jacob Landie, DDS, Dr. Daniel Lisbon, Carles Miller, and Attorney Deryl Wynn

Rev. Nelson "Fuzzy' Thompson and Judget Glenda Hatchett
Judge Glenda Hatchett and Deborah Hogan

Rev. John Modest Miles, Judge Glenda Hatchett and Derald Davis