Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coming Soon | Kristina + Jeremy

I just had to post a few teaser photos from Kristina and Jeremy's wedding this past Saturday. We had a AWESOME time photographing their wedding. Stay tuned for more.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet the Ekstrom's

I found this neat little log cabin house not to far from my home on private property. Naturally I had to get permission and the owners allowed me to take the Ekstrom’s family photo in front of it. They wanted something different rather than your typical park and forest type family photos.


Kara + Kyle | September 18

September 18 was a long day for us but very enjoyable. Our morning started early morning at Kara’s parent’s house where she got dressed for her spectacular wedding day. Kara and Kyle didn’t want to see each other until they had their special first-time moment at Kauffman Memorial Gardens. When the limo arrived at the house, Kyle sat in the front seat and the rest of the wedding party rode in the back. Unbelievably, Kara and Kyle didn’t see other until they got out of the limo. I’m just surprised that Kyle didn’t find an urge to sneak a peek.

The wedding and reception took place at Lee Andrew Hall & Garden in Blue Springs, MO. This place is gorgeous! The wedding was held out doors in the garden and the reception indoors. When the party started, EVERYONE let their hair down and partied! I thought that I was at a college party just because the guests didn’t get off the dance floor. Kudos to “Berry Good Light and Sound” for keeping the party alive.

Kara and Kyle were surrounded by so many loved ones – some that came out to celebrate their nuptials before being shipped off to war, childhood friends and relatives that had been married over 50-years. It warmed my heart to see so much love in one room. The evening ended around 11:30 pm.

Congratulations Kara and Kyle.

Another great shot from Tailese.

Guests viewing the couple's engagement album.
Tailese got these images just before Kara walked down the aisle.
Getting that last minute piece of comfort from dad, while Kyle stands afar.

Kara and Tailese in the corner sipping champagne.

Me at work.
One of Tailese's photos; one of my favorites.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our First Trash The Dress Session

We are so excited to display our first Trash The Dress session, aka TTD, from this past weekend. Melissa, a bride that we photographed in early November 2008 in Chanute, KS was the perfect model. Melissa and Scott, her husband, were game for anything. It's hard to find that one bride who will be willing to step out of the box for some outrageous but fun pictures. Most brides can't grasp the idea of putting their wedding gown on after the wedding and purposely getting it dirty. Trust me, it's worth it. You have to ask yourself these questions:

1. Will I put my dress back on after the wedding?
2. Do I plan on donating my dress?
3. Do I plan on passing down my dress to my daughter?
4. Is my dress rented?

If the answers to these questions are "NO". Then you might want to consider it.

TTD sessions isn't anything to be scared of, they add life to your wedding photos and look superb in your finished wedding album. You have to keep in mind, we would love to work these photos in on your wedding day but unfortunately there just isn't enough time. We have a special section on our website portfolio section called "Trash The Dress" with examples.

Dare to be bold - we look forward in hearing from you.