Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Soon: Sara + James Lake View Wedding

Before the month of October ends, stay tuned for images from Sara and James lake view outdoor wedding. The weather was perfect, the bride and groom was perfect and the images were outstanding!

Sara walks with her father as she approaches the man of her dreams.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taverli + Jason | October 16 Wedding

Tailese and I had a splendid time photographing Taverli and Jason's wedding in Emporia, KS.

There is a story behind how Taverli met us but in lieu of time and not to bore you all...I owe a special thanks to Melissa and Scott (we photographed a couple of years ago in Chanute, KS) who referred her Taverli to us. I don't what it is but the ladies from Chanute are the sweetest and kindest people on the face of this earth. Taverli has a contagious personality who can make a complete stranger feel like family. Jason, now he surprised me on the wedding day. He was the shy and quiet as a church mouse but on the wedding day, I saw a different side of him that told me, "this guy really knows how to have a good time." I can honestly say that we have acquired a friendship that will last a lifetime. After I posted some teaser photos a few days after her wedding, she sent me an email that tickled me to death...

Hi Sam!! I can't believe how fast you posted some of the pics--SO EXCITED!! I kept telling myself "Be patient--He photographs a lot of other people besides you.....he will get to them in a couple of weeks"!! So, I can't tell you how pumped I was to already have an email just 3 days after our wedding!! (Which I might add---you were up late according to the time stamp!) Loved the teasers so far---You and Tailese do an amazing job always. I can't wait to see more of the field shot ones.

Thank you again Sam for being a part of our special day. You and your wife are such beautiful people on the inside and out. I will definitely give anyone who is looking for a photographer my highest recommendation! If you ever need help at any of your bridal shows in KC let me know--heck, maybe Melissa and I can both be there sporting our wedding dresses--haha!! I would help you guys out in a heartbeat.

Have a great week!

To view their engagement session, CLICK HERE.

Some of my favorite images from the wedding are below.

Flower girls play a little a game of "concentration" before getting dressed.

Taverlie wanted her mother to render one of her special prayers just before the ceremony.
Taverlie did her best not to cry during her mother's prayer.

The first dance.

Looks like someone got into some kid fun.

An emotional moment with her father.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coming Soon: Emporia Wedding | Taverli + Jason

I just love Taverli and Jason as a matter of fact, I love the entire wedding party. All I can say is that we had a blast! Teaser photos from their October 16 wedding are posted. Please stay tune for additional images.


Cindy + Stephen | 10.10.10 Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time of year for weddings. I was fortunate to capture Cindy and Stephen’s special day. They are such a beautiful couple that has a great love story to tell. Their love for each other is undeniable. They wed in a very emotional and intimate ceremony amongst family and friends. Both share a story that reaches well across the globe (from U.S. to Korea). During the wedding, both shared tears of happiness and excited that this day finally happened. Each wedding I photograph presents something unique and different. The groom, groomsmen, and even the bride selected Air Jordan’s sneakers with a touch of pink to be their shoe of choice for the ceremony. The splash of pink was chosen to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. I had a great time photographing their wedding and congratulations to Cindy and Stephen on your new beginning.

The brides wedding band tied on the groom's pair of Air Jordan's.

The bride shoes. The black and pink Air Jordan's were worn during the reception.
Dad catching a glimpse of his daughter before the ceremony.
Mom assisting with the string of pearls.

A pair of the bridesmaids shoes
The best man (left) and the groom (right) shoes.

Stephen sheds some tears during the ceremony.

Cindy sheds tears of happiness as well during the ceremony.
Cindy gets a embracing hug from her mother after the ceremony.

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