Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Update

It's been a long time coming and I finally am uploading a few images of our daughter, Sydney Gabrielle Jordon. She's 7-weeks old now and sleeping all day is a distant past. We can only hope for 4 - 5 hours of sleep during the night. Andrew, our 3-year old son is coping very well. Every one's advice has helped out tremendously. We are learning that a parent never has all the answers in raising their children. Just when you think you know them...they do something that grabs your mouth and say..."what in the world!". In the last week, she has been smiling. When ever I take her pictures, she pauses and stares right into the camera. There is no camera shyness in her bones. Andrew is the same way! Nevertheless, Sydney is doing great.

The photos that I have uploaded are spontaneous images in her rare form. Thank you all for the prayers, guidance and gifts. I'll do my best to keep you all updated.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Still among the living

Some of you have called to check on me to see if everything is alright and why I have not posted any new images. Well, I'm still around - just been busy trying to land a few off-season contracts. All I can say is God has been good to me. Although the contracts haven't been finalized but I'm thankful for the opportunity to build new relationships with potential clients.

On the flip side, I've also been meeting with potential brides for 2008 and 2009. Some of which have already booked for 2009! Once again, God is good!

I have also been glued to my chair and desktop designing wedding albums for several past brides. Just when I thought I was getting caught up, the emails started to flood in. Seems like everyone decided to bombard Sam's email box with their favorite wedding images for their albums. So, my evenings have turned into early mornings. I must say though, I've been really excited to see the finished products because the brides I've photographed, LOOK GOOD! You all make my work a lot easier.

Needless to say, my next wedding is Saturday, July 5 so I'll be hitting the pavement real soon. Keep watch for the next wedding posting. ◦

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amy + Jamie | A Long Way from Texas (part 2)

Okay, I have finally gotten a chance to post the remaining images from Amy and Jamie's wedding on Saturday, June 14. If your interested in seeing the first posting click here.

While taking preparation pictures of the girls, I was told that the entire wedding party came from different parts of Texas and country. I believe we all prayed for beautiful weather considering the wedding was outdoor overlooking the Liberty Hills Country Club golf course.

Jamie, you are a riot and I totally appreciate the camaraderie. Tell your buddy in Texas that we will have to sit and talk about photography when he gets time. Heck, I wouldn't mind going to Texas for a little vacation.

Amy, I'm glad you or no one else saw the burnt asphalt on the seat of my pants.

The wedding details were:
  • Wedding & Reception Liberty Hills Country Club
  • 5 Brides maids red dresses
  • 4 Groomsmen black tuxedos with red vests & red ties
  • 1 Ring bearer
  • 1 Flower girl


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amy + Jamie | A long way from Texas

Saturday, June 14 wasn't too bad of a day to get married; the sun was out but there was a slight breeze. The couple, Amy and Jaime from Texas, who booked me last year, had their afternoon wedding and reception at the Liberty Hills Country Club in Liberty, MO. I've never photographed a wedding there before but I have visited the city often several years ago.

I normally wear all black to a wedding (my black polo with company logo, black slacks and black shoes.) Well I didn't notice until I got to the venue that I put on blue socks this morning! Then to add more misery, I did something dumb. While taking a picture of the building and grounds, I sat on the asphalt pavement and when I attempted to get up, my slacks had stuck to the asphalt and burned some of my material off the seat of my pants. I was self-conscience and thought that I had several holes in the seat of my pants. All I could do was pray that there were no holes because there wasn't a department store near by. All was well except for large chunks of burnt asphalt on seat of my pants.

Let me share a bit of not sit on asphalt pavement while wearing slacks even if it's 83 degrees outside.

The wedding was beautiful and the bridal party were hilarious.

Be patient with me and I'll get more images posted.


A Father's Day Gift

Some of you may remember me photographing Brandon and Shelley’s first child back in October 2007. Their son, Jackson, was three days old when they called me to come to their home to take their newborn’s photos. I brought all of my studio lighting equipment and set up in their living room. This was one of my favorite baby sessions. So much that I got one of Jackson’s photos blown up and framed in my gallery. Several of my brides and clients compared the photo to a Anne Gedde image. I take that as a compliment knowing she is a worldwide respected baby/infant photographer.

This was a image that replicated the scene in Alex Haley’s book “Roots”.

This past Friday, Shelley called and asked me if she could purchase the framed 20x30 portrait so that she could surprise Brandon on Father’s Day. I felt honored and I believe this is a portrait that a father should have in their home. Now, I have to get another one printed and framed for my gallery.

Brandon, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Cherish the gift our almighty father has given you.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meghan + Joel Wedding

Each wedding I photograph I notice something different that compliments the bride and groom. Meghan and Joel said "I DO" on June 7. What was special about their wedding was that their colors were high-contrasty, meaning they had lots of tangerine orange, red, pink, green and yellow. Her bouquet was very beautiful! I haven't seen one like hers this year. The colors made her dress pop. The bridal party were very fun to work with. This was one of those weddings where I couldn't stop taking pictures. It was like my finger was glued to the shutter button.

Meghan is a very quiet and reserved young lady and Joel is someone who I can tell sees the good in every one. The brides dad cried during the wedding and while dancing with Meghan.

One interesting point that I found out during the wedding was that Joel proposed to her on 4-5-6 (April 5, 2006) and how ironic they married on 6-7-8 (June 7, 2008). WOW..the power in numbers. Joel, I couldn't have planned it any better way.

The wedding details were:

  • Wedding = Shawnee Church of the Nazarene
  • Reception = Camelot Ballroom (Kansas City's Premiere Dance Studio)
  • 6 Bridesmaids = Tangerine dresses accented with diamond studded pendants
  • 6 Groomsmen = Black tuxedos with tangerine orange vests
  • 2 Flower girls = Orange, Pink, Red and White polka dot dresses
  • 1 Ring bearer


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jodi and Sabian Engagement

Love is a powerful thing. Jodi and Sabian are true examples of that love. It wasn't hard for me to capture the energy that keeps their flame going. Let's just say that they didn't have any problem showing public affection. Friday, I photographed Jodi and Sabian's e-session at Antioch Park. They will be getting married in June 2009 but wanted to take their photos early so they could send out their "Save The Date" cards to friends and family.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Sarah + Graham Wedding

Sarah and Graham tied the knot and made it official Saturday, May 31 at the beautiful Powell Gardens. All I can say is "Ken and Barbie". Sarah was an exceptionally beautiful bride and Graham made for a handsome groom.

A hugh, huge thank you to Terri and Denise for photographing this wedding for me! Good job ladies. all look good! ◦

Monday, June 2, 2008

Robin + Sean Wedding

Saturday, May 31, Robin and Sean's wedding had one of the biggest highlights yet. After the bride and groom walked out of the church, they boarded a antique fire truck! Sean, who is a fireman by profession has a good friend who owns a older fire truck. He and Robin rode off into the sunset (Nall Ave.)

Our plans were to take all the pictures before the wedding and even take bride/groom formal photos at Antioch Park but because of the heat, we decided not to leave the church before the wedding in hopes not to get drenched in perspiration. However, the church itself had a very nice spot to do several intimate portraits. Robin was trilled about her dress - most importantly the back of her dress. She often spoke about the back of her dress to friends and family - to the degree that she struck a pose to show off the back of the dress.

Sean's groomsmen and friends were a riot! He has a bunch of wild buddies. They had me in stitches from laughing so hard.

The wedding details were:

Congratulations Robin and Sean!