Monday, April 28, 2008

Brittney + Larry Wedding

Brittney and Larry tied the knot on Saturday, April 26 but they did it in true fashion.

Let's paint the picture....the weather was beautiful, the wedding took place at the Trinity Temple C.O.G.I.C. in Grandview, MO and the reception took place at the Crystal Ballroom. This wedding was different in every facet. First, when the ceremony started, all the groomsmen lined up in the aisle towards the back of the church and Larry walked in shaking all their hands. Second, after Brittney came down the aisle, she sang a beautiful song to her soon-to-be-husband. Lastly, one of the most eye catching pieces to their wedding was that there was a parking lot full of corvettes - varying in style, color, and model! Larry's father who passed away three years ago was a member of a local corvette club. Larry in turn got involved as well. After the wedding ceremony all the guests and bridal party gathered outside the church for a 20-car Corvette salute, balloons were released in honor of his father and the vette drivers revved their engines. One would think you were at the Kansas Speedway for the Indy races.

Getting up close and personal with a vette, made me say to myself, one day when I grow up, I'm going to get me a vette!

I'm sure all of us have seen various wedding reception You Tube clips where the bride and groom start out slow dancing and then all of a sudden stop in mid-tracks and start out dancing to hip-hop music. I was blown away and never expected it. What's crazy is that I was telling a friend of mine a few days ago that I've never photographed a wedding reception where this took place. Well.....looks like I was proven wrong. So you all just might see their video clip on You Tube. If you see a photographer in the background laughing his socks off - you'll know it's me.

The bride and groom spent their honeymoon in Florida. Congratulations Brittney and Larry!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tausha + John Wedding

Sunday, April 20 was a perfect day to get married and that's what Tausha and John did at The Loretto.

I arrived at the venue an hour earlier than I was suppose to - just because after all the rain we've been getting, I wanted to walk the grounds to see if it would be okay to take outdoor photos. The couple agreed to see each other before the ceremony - which was great! John told me that he didn't believe in those superstitions. All of the photos were taken but in just a nick of time before all the guests arrived.

I've known Tausha for almost 11-months and she is a very sweet, endearing young lady. She has the personality that one would wonder if she ever gets angry. Her smile will brighten any ones day. One observation that I would like to point out is that on this day, I've never seen a bride cry with happiness so much. She cried when she saw her bride maids, she cried when she saw family, she cried when she saw her sorority sisters, she cried while walking down the aisle on the arms of her father and cried while pledging her life to John.

Now, John, this was a man who grinned from the moment I got to the chapel until I left. He indeed was in love with Tausha.

May God continue to bless you in your union! ◦

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rackel Senior Photos

Kansas City, get ready for Rackel!

This high school senior is gorgeous. Her only request was that she wanted her senior photos with a graffiti background. So We took her senior pictures in the Westport area - actually in a alley. I got so excited taking her pictures my fingers wouldn't let off my shutter button. Every look and every pose was flawless.

Ann B., thanks for the referral and tell Troy I said hello. I hope married life is treating you all well.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amy + Levi's Wedding

So far, I have been photographing weddings in churches and wedding venues that I've never shot before - and I love it. This gives me an opportunity to step out of my bubble and see what Kansas City has to offer.

Friday evening, April 11, Amy and Levi stared into each other's eyes and committed their life to each other to God and 250 guests. Their wedding took place at the Tiffany Fellowship Assembly of God church in North Kansas City. What a beautiful edifice!

My second photographer, Denise, and I arrived at the church about 4:15 p.m. To my surprise the groomsmen were all dressed and we were not scheduled to start taking pictures until 5:30. What also made me laugh was that one of Levi's groomsmen was a groomsmen in the March 15 wedding (Denise and Thomas) that I photographed. Either Kansas City is as small as I think or the 6 degrees of separation is really true. Amy's father was a man who kept me, the guests and the entire bridal party in check. He was a man who wanted to start the wedding on time and without little foolishness. After the wedding was over and he got to the reception, all cares were out the door. It was very evident that mom and dad loved their daughter.

As far as the reception is concerned, can you say, "cha-ching". First class all the way. The reception took place at the Embassy Suites by the KCI Airport. The finest table linens, the finest tableware and the compliments to the hotel chef!

My buddies at Digital Odeon Productions were on site to do the videography, my new friend, Yolonda at Adnaloys Weddings & Events was the hired coordinator and my ace, Myron, of KC Pro Jocks provided the music at the reception.

To view their engagement sessision CLICK HERE.

Congratulations Amy and Levi!


Monday, April 7, 2008

PWG Bridal Show

It's been a little bit since I've posted something - I've just been busy - some with photography and the other planning/preparing for our new born! It's going to be a girl! We'll announce her name when she is born (May 5 or after). So, my son, Andrew will have to share the spotlight but we hope that he accepts her arrival. They will be three years apart (almost to the day).

Anyhow, that's not the purpose of this posting. I'll post more about our new baby as we get closer to May 5 - stay tuned.

Sunday, April 6, we participated in Perfect Wedding Guides Bridal Show at the Overland Park Convention Center. This was our first with PWG and thanks to Angela, we were granted a very visible spot. Our 10x10 booth was directly across from the main stage. The brides were phenomenal and asked lots of good questions. I must say that there were lots of photographers who participated in the fair - some of which we are good friends and others who I have yet to have the pleasure to meet.

It was reported that there was a record number of brides who registered for this show - over 550! WOW...! When the doors opened at 10 am brides immediately rushed in and the vendors were at the "battle stations". We had over 100 brides stop at our booth and the majority of them were brides who's wedding dates were scheduled for April, May and June of 2009. There were only a handful who were looking for photographers for this year. One bride and groom approached us about photographing their wedding at the Virgin Islands! Boy, if that happens, I will be one HAPPY man. My fingers are still crossed.

This bridal show made me a believer and I will be a returning vendor. After the first bridal fashion show, I was blessed to book a bride for October 2008! They (bride, mother, maid of honor and sister) came to the booth first - stayed a while and looked at the albums. About 20 minutes later they returned and wanted to sign the contract. Oh, I forgot to mention that the bride was the winner of $500.00 worth of gift certificates (to be used the day of the bridal show). The bride and mother used the gift certificates to reserve her wedding day.

I forgot to mention one important note about this bride. The mother told me that her daughter will have to be one of the purist brides that I will ever photograph. The bride to be has never kissed her boyfriend/fiance ever and their first time kissing will be the day of her wedding! WOW...I couldn't 't say anything - I was speechless. Needless to say, I hope to "show-out" on this wedding. I've got a lot of ideas for this couple. Stay tuned :) are the bomb and congratulations on your new baby girl! I was shocked to see you out at the show.
I would be re-missed if I didn't tell other brides to visit my favorite vendors and good friends, who were at the show.

KC Pro Jocks / are the bomb! Thanks for everything! I will recommend this guy for any of your music/entertainment needs.

Mardees / Mrs. are a professional woman who has lots of class. I like that we share the same business ethics. I look forward to working with you in 2008.

Adnaloys Weddings & Events / Yolanda...can't wait to see the website!

The Gallery / Charlie....thank you for the creative tools.

Most of all, thank you to my wife, Tailese, and my second photographer, Denise, for all your support and assistance.