Wednesday, November 1, 2017

TEASERS: Zaneta + Prentis | My Baby Sister Got Married

Last week, I witnessed something that made me cry like a baby. Yes, my baby sister got married. I have always felt like that I was my sister's protector considering I am the oldest. I knew this day was coming but the moment you walked through the doors with my father, I started to tear up. During the ceremony, I hid my face behind my camera (while taking pictures) because I was crying like a big ol baby. This day was really happening. My baby sister, Zaneta, isn't so little anymore. She is a grown woman. Well I can go on and on but as I'm typing this, I am tearing up again. Here are a few teaser images from your wedding.

Congratulations Prentis and Zaneta. Welcome to the family.


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